Our Services

Doggy Daycare

Our dogs love coming to play with their friends while you are at work.

They love to play outside in our fully fenced play yard & inside where they are loved by our wonderful staff who love your pets almost as much as you do.

  • They can play with their friends in our large, fully-fenced play area, enjoy a walk, a game of frisbee, snuggle with our staff or enjoy a dip in the pool during warm weather.
  • We play outside in the rain, snow and shine, unless the weather is too extreme. Then they all play safely inside in our indoor play room.
  • We make sure there is always access to clean water.
  • We maintain the yard so that it is always clean.
  • We supervise the dogs closely to make certain that they are playing safely and work to prevent any problems.









An overnight, weekend or week at our Village is like a big slumber party for your pet. Just ask your pup after their stay!

For overnight stays, you have three choices:

  1. Traditional Boarding Dogs stay in an indoor- outdoor run with free access from 7:00 am-6:00 pm. They are each walked twice daily.
  2. Daycare Boarding Dogs stay overnight in our cageless, large playroom with other dogs.
  3. Stay at the Farm Pets stay at owners’ home on 10 acre farm.

Cats stay at the cattery in personal cages.

  • Both indoor and outdoor facilities are regularly cleaned and maintained.
  • Pets will be fed daily per your directions.
  • Medications will be administered per your vet’s recommendations.
  • We are committed to your pet’s healthy & happy life. They will be showered with all the love and care that we give our own!



Traditional Boarding – $20.00/night

Daycare Boarding – $25.00/night

Stay at the Farm – $30.00/night

Cat Boarding – $13.00/night

Red Bridge - Winding River Pet Village Grooming

We like our fur babies to look their best. And they always feel better after a good grooming.

There are many reasons pet owners have their pets groomed regularly. Keeping them healthy is one of the main reasons.

Dogs with medium to long fur are prone to matting. Matted hair can cause painful sores on your dog’s skin if they are not removed. Some dogs, like people have sensitive skin. Matts cause that skin to be extremely tender and painful. Regular grooming removes the potential for painful matting.  

Grooming 101

Traditional Grooming Includes:

  • Traditional Bath using Safe Soaps
  • We do not use cage dryers. Every pet is hand dried with a hand-held dryer. For those pets that are sensitive to dryers, we hand dry them. Dogs that have sensitive skin, we have special soaps (additional cost may incur). Please let us know at time of drop-off.
  • Standard Brush Out
  • Nail Trim
  • Cleaning the Ears. If there are long hairs in the ears, we remove it to avoid ear infections.
  • Expressing of the anal glands: Regular anal expressing keeps their glands free of clogs that could be painful.
  • Cleaning and neatening the sanitary areas
  • Clean up around the feet and face

General Grooming Prices

Small Dogs (5-25 Pounds) Starting at $41

Medium Dogs (25-40 Pounds) Starting at $50

Large Dogs (40 Pounds and Up) Starting at $72

Grooming is by appointment only, Monday through Saturday.

Special Maintenance prices are available for weekly or bi-weekly services.

Pick up and delivery is available, if needed

The cost will be determined when we meet you and your pet.

For all of our services, these VACCINATIONS are required by LAW

Dogs: Rabies & DHLP each year | Bordetella is recommended every 6 months
Cats: Rabies & FVRCP each year