We like our fur babies to look their best. And they always feel better after a good grooming.

There are many reasons pet owners have their pets groomed regularly. Keeping them healthy is one of the main reasons.

Dogs with medium to long fur are prone to matting. Matted hair can cause painful sores on your dog’s skin if they are not removed. Some dogs, like people have sensitive skin. Matts cause that skin to be extremely tender and painful. Regular grooming removes the potential for painful matting.

Grooming 101

Traditional Grooming

  • Bath: We do not use cage dryers. Every pet is hand dried with a hand-held dryer. For those pets that are sensitive to dryers, we hand dry them. Dogs that have sensitive skin, we have special soaps (additional cost may incur). Please let us know at time of drop-off.
  • Brush Out
  • Nail Trim
  • Cleaning the ears: If there are long hairs in the ears, we remove it to avoid ear infections
  • Expressing of the anal glands: Regular anal expressing keeps their glands free of clogs that could be painful
  • Cleaning and neatening the sanitary areas
  • Clean up around the feet and face

General Grooming Prices

Small Dogs (5-25 Pounds) Starting at $41
Medium Dogs (25-40 Pounds) Starting at $50
Large Dogs (40 Pounds and Up) Starting at $72


(Please ask for Pricing)
  • Cleaning up the feathering (Hair on the back of the legs and around their feet)
  • Face Trim
  • Nail Trim
  • Perfect between long periods of grooming

Maintenance plans available with steep discount pricing!

Maintenance includes a neaten every two (2) weeks.
(Please ask for Pricing)

Specialty Grooming

  • Designer Nail Painting – yes, even a dog enjoys having their nails painted $7
  • Hair Dying – all hair dyes are animal safe and we only use vegetable-based products. Ask to see some of our pictures for some fun ideas! (Ask for Pricing)
  • Medicated Baths: Flea & Tick, Dry or oily skin, mange (Ask for Pricing)
  • Teeth Brushing: We use a doggie tooth brush and tooth paste $7
  • Ferminater: Ferminating helps with shedding. This specialized brush removes loose undercoat fur that has become trapped against the skin. If you do not see a decrease in shedding within the first week, bring your dog back, we will do another ferminating brush for free! (Price varies on size of dog)
  • Dremel: A dremel takes the nails shorter than a regular nail trim. There is more control when shaping the dog’s nails and it eliminates sharp edges from their nails. This is beneficial for inside dogs. Dremeling reduces the sound of your pets’ nails on hardwood flooring! (Ask for Pricing)

Any product that is used in the Grooming area has Becky’s seal of approval. Becky only offers a product once she has fully tested it and is happy with the outcome.